1. Default check box in the checkout, and the product together with the charge, the total amount of the order will include the cost of shipping insurance.

shipping insurance

2. Insurance claims: 100% Payment guarantee & Protect your order from damage, loss, or theft. Powered by Captain Insure.

3. How to claim: Contact store@geekvape.com to provide the order number and specifics:
1) Damaged goods: Provide photos of the outer packaging, inner packaging and damaged goods to prove the damage;

2) Lost/stolen goods:
A. When the logistics order shows that the goods are lost, the claim will be settled directly;
B. When the logistics order shows that the goods have been delivered but not actually received by the consumer (porch loss), you need to provide either of the following proofs:
a. Relevant on-site video evidence
b. Proof of loss provided by the logistics company
c. Written proof issued by other qualified personnel.
Ps. Porch loss: the same user for the first time will be worry-free compensation (i.e., without the need for consumers to provide proof of documents, the mail informs the next time, please take good care of the parcels, the same address next time the loss of the porch will be required to provide proof of documents at that time)

The above situation must be based on the delivery address is filled in correctly, is the courier can find the address.

4. Refund: claims will be processed within 3 working days after all the documents are complete, and the refund will be returned to your payment account in 3-7 working days.

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