FAQ-About Vaping

FAQ-About Vaping

Battery:Battery Information Guide

Which batteries should I use, and where should I buy them?

Battery information guideIf you're using 18650s in a regulated device, your best bet is the Samsung 30Q, Sony VTC6, or the LG HG2. If those aren't available, the Sony VTC5A, LG HE4, or Samsung 25R are the next best thing.

Only Sony, Samsung, LG, and Sanyo make their own batteries. All other companies aren't manufacturing batteries. They are providing rewrapped versions from one of the aforementioned big four and youshould not buy them as what battery is under that wrap can change at any time and may certainly not be appropriate for vaping. Furthermore there is no regulation of batteries and most of those rewraps have fabricated ratings of amps and mah.

As far as where you should buy those batteries from, the preferred trusted vendors are IMR Batteries, Illumn and Liion Wholesale. All are trustworthy, have good prices, and test random samples to ensure they are authentic. It's also a good idea to pick up some replacement battery wraps as well as insulators to have on hand. They're dirt cheap, and can greatly extend the lifespan of your batteries as the wrap is usually the first part to get damaged.

Mod Issue: Too Hot Or Overheat Protection

Why my mod becomes hot or even shows overheat protection?

Normally if you vape for a long time, the device or the tank will become too hot. It will show overheat protection and and you can not vape it. You need to take out the batteries (if it is replaceable) and let it sit for 30 minutes.

If your device becomes too hot that you can't touch it, or if the mod keeps on showing overheat protection even if it is not hot, please contact us by store@geekvape.com

Mod Issue: Screen Works Abnormally

If your device have lines in screen, or the whole screen is black or white but still works, please turn off the mod and do a factory reset. This procedure applies to other Geekvape device as well.

If it still doesn't work, please contact us by store@geekvape.com

Mod Issue: Not Turning on

Check if there is any oxide in the battery connection part, clear it and try to turn on the device again.

If you have tried several times and the device is still not working properly, do not worry, we have 90 days warranty to our products, you can contact store@geekvape.com to get warranty, please provide us a video about it :

● Please show us how it reacts if you charge it

● Please show us your batteries are fully charged

● Please show us that the mod isn’t turning on

Mod Issue: No Coil Detected or Atomizer Short

Please try another atomizer that is working fine in your other mods, and check if you have built the coils correctly.

If you have tried several tanks and the device is still not working properly, do not worry, we have 90 days warranty to our products.

Please read our warranty policy and provide the video of your issue.

● Please show us the same atomizer is working fine in other mods.

● Please show us at least two atomizers do not work in your device.

please contact store@geekvape.com to contact us.

Mod Issue: Battery Uneven or Low Battery

We suggest for you to change with another set of batteries first. Our mod is recommended to be used with high-rate batteries.

If it still not working after you have tried several sets of batteries, do not worry, we have 90 days warranty to our products.

Please read our warranty policy and provide a video of the issue.

● Please show us your batteries are fully charged.

● Please show us how it reacts if you exchange the two batteries.

please contact store@geekvape.com to contact us.

Mod Issue: Not turning on after updating the firmware

From September 1, 2021, all our products will no longer have updated firmware, so we don't advise you to update the firmware when you use geekvape product.

If the product you have purchased cannot be turning on after updating the firmware, we cannot provide you with warranty service.

6 Easy Ways To Stop Your Coil From Burning

If your coil is only slightly burnt, you may get a slight burnt taste, as if something’s not quite right. Given that we know that burnt coils can produce harmful chemicals, you should probably still change it.

Occasionally, you’ll also get a burnt taste when you have just replaced a burnt out coil. Sometimes this will disappear after a few puffs, but at other times you may need to replace the e-liquid.

The best ways to stop your coil from burning are:

1. Prime your coils
2. Stop chain vaping
3. Reduce power settings
4. Keep your vape tank topped up
5. Use an e-liquid with more PG
6. Try an e-liquid with less sweetener

Contact us support@geekvape.com to explore all these in more detail!

How to prime your tank?

1. Press top cap and move it or press the open button

2. Add e-juice through the fill port

3. Close the top cap and stand it for 5-10 mins to get the cotton completely saturated

4. Set a proper wattage for your coil and enjoy it!

How to Fix Leaking Issue -Sub Ohm Tank

Here are some tips to avoid leaking:

1.Please close the airflow holes when you refill the tank, and do not saturate the coil directly with juice dropping to the inner coil, you just need to fill the tank and wait around 10mins.

2.If you do not use the tank for a while, please do not leave too much juice in the tank, this may cause leakage after over several hours, and please close the airflow holes as well.

3.Please check all the o-rings are in good condition and replace the old ones.

4.Please check if your coil is screwed tightly, if leaking persists, you can consider changing with another coil.

If you have follow all the steps and the unit is still leaking, please contact us by store@geekvape.com.

How to Fix Leaking Issue - Getting Juice into Mouth

Why is my tank gurgling when I try to vape and/or why is the e-juice spit backing in my mouth?

One of the simplest reasons for gurgling or spit back is a beginner attempting to vape 70VG or higher e-juice with a high resistance coil intended for mouth to lung. The e-juice in that instance is too thick for your low wattage device and coil, therefore the e-juice doesn't heat sufficiently to turn into vapor.

The more common reason is that you've flooded the coil when priming, excess juice in the coil which can't vaporize quickly enough results in gurgling and/or spit back. To resolve the issue you can flip your tank upside down to allow excess e-juice to empty out from the chimney, and if the problem persists you can close airflow followed by dry pulls. Keep in mind that if your tank gets a bit hot during use it can effectively cook the remnants of expelled e-juice inside the chimney giving you a burnt taste and I'd recommend you clean the chimney by removing the top cap and cleaning the cap and chimney with a lightly soaked isopropyl alcohol q-tip. Wait a minute or so and then vape as usual.

Other possible reasons for spit back may include the following: using high PG e-juice in conjunction with a sub ohm coil, chain vaping from a tank which gets fairly hot as the heat thins your ejuice, a coil which is wicking the cotton too quickly.

How to Fix Leaking Issue - From the bottom

Your coil should be screwed into the base vertically until it is finger tight and you meet resistance. If you're inserting the coil into the base of the tank at an angle, or overtighten it, you're doing it wrong. The same applies for when you screw piece X into piece Y of a tank.

If you're certain that isn't the issue perhaps you have a crack in your glass, or cracked o-rings, or a missing o-ring. Every piece of a tank needs to be present and in good condition.

Beyond that you could be flooding the coil from overpriming it and if it's excessively flooded trying to vape the juice will just result in heating it and causing the juice to exit via bottom airflow. You could also flood the tank by using high PG e-juice in a sub ohm coil, and pulling too hard at low wattage with closed airflow. Tipping your tank upside down should expel the juice safely, and going one step further by dry pulling and again flipping it upside down will help if you don't first succeed.

Coil Resistance Differs with Stated Resistance

The coil is not same as the stated resistance, it stated 0.2homs, but my mod reads 0.18homs, is it normal?

The ohms are only estimates, and if you prime then use it, it is normal that the resistance will change a little, normally ±0.05 homs,so when you fire, the resistance won't change too much. It is common and you should have nothing to worry about.

For DIY coils, if you trim the legs differently than the amount assumed or move it with a coil jig and change the diameter of the coil, you can alter the resistance from the stated resistance. Likewise, some devices are more accurate than others.

If your leads are tightened down enough, then you’re fine, that‘s not a significant enough difference to worry about, just double check your leads are all tight and you’re good.

Why is My Device Heating Up?

Why is my device heating up?

1.Normally if you vape for a long time, the device or the tank will become hot, or the red lights flashes 10s, You need to turn off the device and make it still for 30 mins;

2.If your device becomes very hot even can't touch in a short time, or even the mod is not hot but red lights flashes 10s, please contact us store@geekvape.com.

How to Fix When the Device Doesn't Fire

If you press the fire button but the device does not fire,

1.If the red light flashes 3 times, it means that there is no atomizer connected, please change another pod or replace the coil and try again.

2.If the red light flashes 5 times, it means the battery is too low, please charge the battery full and try again.

3.If the red light flashes 8 times, please take off the pod and press the fire button again, if the red lights flashes 3 times, it means the resistance is low, please change another coil; if the red lights still flashes 8 times, please clean the connector and try again, if it doesn't work, please contact us.

4.If the red light flashes 10s, it means temperature is too high, you may have been using it for hours, please take a break and let it cool down.

If you tried all the steps and the device still doesn't work, please do not hesistate to contact us store@geekvape.com.

Functions Explanation Of Aegis X

Press the fire button three times in quick succession within 2s to enter the setting mode, then press and hold the “+” or “-” button for 2s at the same time to enter the menu.

Press the left or right button to switch the cursor, and press the fire button to enter or exit the current settings.


1. Auto:Turn on this function, when you changed your coil build, and the system would recommend a wattage setting for you

2. Theme: Switch the cursor to the Theme, it has three set themes.

3. Color: Switch the cursor to the colors of the themes, each theme has five colors.

4. Version:Display the version information of the current system.

5. ABB:Auto Battery Balance. When activated, the device would balance your batteries by sharing some of the chargers from the highest charged to the least charged battery. (Click here to watch a video about it)

6. Reset:Restart the factory system.

Fast Charging Explanation of Aegis Mini

Aegis Mini is powered with 2A fast charging, which can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes when you use 5V/2A charging head, but it needs around 2 hours to be fully charged. Why? It depends on lithium battery itself. The following is some information about charging process of lithium battery:

The lithium battery charging process is generally divided into the following four stages:

Phase 1: Trickle charging (small current charging)
When the battery voltage is below a certain threshold, the battery is first charged with a small current, which is also called restorative charging. In order to protect the battery, when the battery is over-discharged, the battery first charges with a small current until the battery voltage returns to the normal voltage level.

Phase 2: Constant Current Charging
The fast charging solution of our battery is realized at this stage by increasing the charging current. At this point the battery is charged at the maximum current that allows charging. At this stage, the charging current remains substantially constant and the voltage continues to rise.

Phase 3: Constant Voltage Charging
When the battery voltage reaches a certain value (about 90% of the power, different products may be different), the charger will keep the battery voltage unchanged, and gradually reduce the charging current value.
If the charging current is still very large, lithium ions are likely to accumulate in the vicinity of the negative electrode of the battery, and grow into dendritic crystals, commonly known as dendrites; the long-term dendrite pierces the separator between the positive and negative stages to form a short circuit. Therefore, for the safety of the battery, the charging current will be small in the latter half of the charging.

Stage 4: End of charging
The external charger or device interface will have a “full” prompt, then you can unplug the charger.
Therefore, we will feel that the battery's power is slowed from 80% to 100% because the battery enters the constant voltage charging stage. In order to protect the battery safety, the charging current is gradually reduced until it is full (100%).

Aegis Legend: Waterproof Statement

As we all know Aegis lines are waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.
This article will talk about the waterproof feature of the Aegis lines.

To know more about the product's shockproof feature, please contact support@geekvape.com.

IP67 waterproof is able to withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes and at a depth of up to 1 meter.

Please note that the USB port and battery door needs to be tightly closed, especially the USB port.

In cases where the device is being charged directly through its port, please remove the tank to prevent device shortage in case it leaks into the USB port. Moreover, please seal the USB port when not in use.

You can email to supprt@geekvape.com to know where to buy the replacement USB port seal and to know how to replace it.

What may happen if e-juice or any other liquid gets inside the device?

· The device may auto-charge even without plugging
· The device may not turn on, the water may cause a short to the chip(motherboard)
· The device may auto-fire, especially if e-juice or other kinds of liquid gets into the chip

How to protect your mod from getting water into it?
· Do not drop it into water deeper than 1 meter, such as swimming pool, etc.
· Do not let it stay underwater for over 30 minutes
· Remove the tank when you directly charge the mod in case it leaks
And here are Tips to Help Avoid "Vape" Battery Explosions>>

If your device shows any abnormal performances, please do not hesitate to send a video to us store@geekvape.com.