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  • Geekvape Aegis Legend 2: Best dual-battery box mod kit
  • Geekvape T200: Tough, intelligent & great flavour
  • Geekvape Wenax H1: Best for: Taste

Geekvape Aegis Legend 2: Best dual-battery box mod kit>>
Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit 200W
Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit 200W is an outstanding kit that can reach an impressive maximum output of 200W and is powered by dual 18650 batteries (sold separately). You'll be able to personalise this kit to your preferred vaping style with a range of different modes including variable wattage mode, variable power curve mode, temperature control mode and bypass mode!
The L200 takes two 18650 batteries to function and is capable of firing at up to 200 watts in power mode. It also supports bypass mode, and temperature control modes as well. The battery efficiency of the Geekvape L200 is great so you’ll definitely make it through the day if you’re vaping at low-to-mid wattages.

The Geekvape Aegis product range has reached legendary status within the vaping community because, before the first Aegis device was released, vape mods were treated almost like disposable products. When you bought a vaping device, you did so with the understanding that you would eventually dunk it in water or drop it on the floor, and that would be the end of it.

Geekvape was the first company to construct an entire range of longer-lasting vape mods, and the Aegis Legend 2 is the most durable of the bunch. Featuring IP68 certification for its ability to prevent dust and water ingress, the Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 is impervious to dust and can survive immersion in water with a depth of greater than one metre. The Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 uses two 18650 batteries and reaches a maximum power of 200 watts.

It’s the design of this device, though, that truly stands out. From the soft stitched grip to the shiny chassis held together with the same high-quality screws that you’d find on an expensive notebook computer, the Aegis Legend 2 takes vape mod design to a level unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Geekvape rarely fail to impress with their vape mod releases and the Legend 2 impresses in style.

The Geekvape Legend 2 is the follow up to one of Ecigclick’s favourite mods (The Legend) and is capable of upto 200W output. Powered by dual 18650 batteries (sold separately) the Legend also sports IP68 waterproof/shockproof and dust proof design for the clumsy vaper out there. It basically means this device should last you a long time.

On the front of the device there is a rocker style firing button that is easy to reach. There are also two small adjustment buttons, as well as a 1.08” TFT color display. This screen displays essential vaping information such as your current wattage, battery life, coil resistance, and voltage output. The UI is also nice and easy to read and navigate.
The updated 1.08″ TFT colour screen is a delight to use and the features are fully loaded, that displays all the information you need – from battery life to coil resistance and everything else in between.

When it comes to build quality and aesthetics the Legend 2 tick all the boxes again with the faux leather handle finishing things off well.

An excellent quality mod that looks great, performs a treat and will last.

The L200 (Legend 2) by Geekvape is a great all-around mod kit. You get the Geekvape L200 mod which is IP68 waterproof, dustproof, and nearly indestructible. You also get the Geekvape Zeus sub ohm tank. You’ll get two coils: one 0.2Ω coil (best used at 70-80W) and one 0.25Ω coil (best used from 45-57W). The Zeus tank is top filled and it’s very easy and hassle free to use.

This kit delivers major clouds — two aspects that beginners will love. In fact, the performance is so good that even experienced vapers will enjoy what the L200 kit brings to the table.

For its full set of features, great performance, and easy to use nature, the Geekvape L200 is our top pick for the best vape mod kit in 2022.

The GEEKVAPE Aegis Legend 2 runs 2x 18650 batteries and will output to 200W, making it an ideal choice for performance vapers, those that like to use rebuildable, and even MTL tanks – this mod will do it all.

The build quality is excellent too, especially at this price point, and the design is pitch-perfect with its faux-leather handle.

If you’re looking for a powerful, durable, and brilliantly reliable vape mod, the GEEKVAPE Aegis Legend 2 is 100% where it is at right now.

Geekvape T200: Tough, intelligent & great flavour>>
Geekvape T200 (Aegis Touch) Kit 200W
With big power, durability, 6 modes and great flavour, the Geekvape T200 ticks a lot of boxes. A robust device with up to 200W of power, it’s suited to more experienced vapers looking for big clouds.

Modes range from easy-to-use Smart Mode to tech-savvy Temperature Control. The T200’s touchscreen is a standout feature, with a large, bright and colourful display that makes controlling the mod easy.

The T200 mod’s design won’t surprise you when you hear its sub-name – the Aegis Touch. Boasting the toughness the range is known for, it has an IP68 rating – meaning it’s dust, shock and water resistant – although you’ll need to take extra care with the touchscreen.

The T200 mod has a touch screen that's IP68 certificated, capable of weathering any storm with its waterproof, drop-proof and dust-proof function. Rounded off with the perfect sub-ohm tank, the Z Tank utilizes top fill and top airflow. Inside the pack are 0.15ohm and 0.4ohm meshed Z coils to give a wide range of sub-ohm vaping experiences.

With a stunning 2.4" touch-sensitive display, "GeekVapers" can control this user-friendly AS-CHIP 3.0 interface. Swiping between a multitude of vaping opportunities including SMART, POWER, or PRO modes has never been more fun. Capable of firing up to 200W which is a welcomed sight for experienced vapers, the GeekVape Aegis T200 is a powerhouse

Display themes and even wallpapers are available to explore on the GeekVape Aegis T200 mod, with an abundance of vibrant color choices and patterned backgrounds at your fingertips.

GeekVape's sub-ohm Z Tank has acquired top filling accompanied by a finely tuned top airflow control system that can fluctuate between MTL, RDTL and DTL vaping with ease and accuracy. Z coils are easily removed using a handy coil tool that's provided in the kit that simply pops the coil out of the tank, and replaced using a Plug 'N Play system that couldn't be simpler. Included are the 0.15ohm and 0.4ohm Meshed Z Coils that have glorious, sub-ohm paired perfectly with your favorite. Z(Zeus) Sub-Ohm tank and Zeus coils produced superb flavour and plenty of vapour – perfect for Direct-Lung, cloud-chasing vapers.

If you're new to vaping or prefer a more compact model that produces discreet vapor and subtly charming style, the bulky technical side of the device may not be for you. Nevertheless, the pairing of the T200 mod and Z Tank complement each other to create an all-around sub-ohm vape kit perfect for cloud chasers and tech lovers!

Geekvape Wenax H1: Best for: Taste>>
Geekvape WENAX H1
Geekvape initially built their reputation on our ability to produce large and durable sub-ohm cloud kits that could withstand a serious knocking and keep on rocking. So it was a welcome surprise when we unveiled the first generation of Wenax vape pens, the latest of which fast became one of the best vape pens we’ve ever stocked.

The Geekvape Wenax H1 has seen a serious upgrade to its battery, now boasting a full capacity of 1000mAh in a genuinely tiny build, ensuring 2 days of use before requiring a rapid charge from its USB-C cable.

The Wenax H1 can be activated either by simply puffing through it or by pressing the grip-patterned firing button, which can also be tapped three times to switch between 3 distinct power levels, all of which still fall comfortably into the MTL range.

The Wenax H1 Cartridges come with pre-installed coils in 0.7ohm and 1.4ohm variants and feature 5 layers of anti-leak materials to ensure you get a mess-free experience from your new simple vape pen.

The inclusion of a silicone base to prevent surface scuffing is the final cherry on top of this wonderful MTL vape pen. The Geekvape Wenax H1 proves that Geekvape have far more tricks up their sleeves than first anticipated, and we believe it’s the best starter kit vape pen.

The Wenax H1 is a simple, reliable option that hits the mark when it comes to both price and portability. Small enough to take pretty much everywhere, it utilises a 1000mAh battery that lasts longer between charges.

Easy enough for even someone brand-new to vaping to get to grips with, the H1 features both single button operation and uses pods with built-in coils. This means less maintenance and less setup, while at the same time you'll still be able to pair the kit that suits you. It really does offer the best of both worlds.


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