Why Do I Need To Prove My Age?

Age verification is a procedure by which online retailers comply with the law and ensure that consumers purchasing items are of legal age to buy vape products. In short, age verification is a legal protocol that protects both the online seller and the customers. The seller is protected by law because it ensures that no products are sold to minors, and the customer is protected because it prevents minors from obtaining items they cannot legally purchase over the counter.

Age verification plays a crucial role in promoting responsible vaping in Geekvape Store. Retailers can use age control measures to reduce the number of underage users, comply with regulations, and foster a safe and responsible vaping culture. Together, we can work towards a future where adults who are of smoking age can enjoy vaping responsibly.

Under UK and EU law, it is illegal to sell electronic cigarettes and any product intended to deliver nicotine to individuals under the age of 18. In the United States, it is illegal to sell these products to individuals under the age of 21. To ensure that our products are only purchased by those of legal age, we ask that customers confirm their age when creating an account or placing an order as a guest during checkout. To make the process as fast and accurate as possible while protecting your personal data and anonymity, we use the industry-standard AgeChecker.Net verification service.


How Do We Verify Your Age?

After placing your order, you will see a pop-up window on the Order Confirmation page, as shown in the screenshot below. Please follow the instructions here.


The system will all ask you to enter your full registered name, billing address and date of birth. It is important that this information is entered correctly as it will appear on your driver's license, passport or credit card. With this information we can verify your age and continue to process your order.

We use the AgeChecker.Net service to verify your age, but as this is an identity check and not a credit check, your credit score will not be affected in any way.

In some cases, such as a recent change of address, an incorrectly formatted address, a change of name or the use of a nickname, AgeChecker.Net may not be able to verify your age, so we may reformat the details correctly and apply another age verification check or ask you to provide some other valid form of proof of age, such as a driver's license or passport.

If it is still not possible to verify your age via AgeChecker.Net, we will need you to send us an official photo ID as well as a selfie to 发送至store@geekvape.com. Please include your order number in this email and we will contact you once a member of our team has verified your identity. This is usually done within a few hours during business hours; evenings and weekends can take longer so please be patient.

If we are unable to verify your age or if the verified age is younger than the age at which e-cigarette products can legally be purchased in your local area, we will cancel your order and issue a full refund.

We hope you understand the resulting delay in sending your order.


By using our website you accept these terms and conditions

If you request a restricted product or service from us, you consent to us sharing your information with and collecting information from AgeChecker.Net and third party identity data providers.
This consent is necessary for AgeChecker.Net to verify that you meet the minimum age and identity verification requirements set forth in the relevant local age limits and other laws. You agree to allow AgeChecker.Net to retain the data for future verification purposes.
All data processed by AgeChecker.Net is subject to appropriate security measures, and data retained by AgeChecker.Net is periodically reviewed to ensure that it is not retained longer than necessary.