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Geekvape Aegis Solo 100W Kit

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    1. The best single battery mod ever! review by Martina on 8/24/2019
      Rating for this product (Quality & Design)

      I just got this kit and I love it! It is nice and small and fits comfortably in my hand. The coil that came with the Cerberus tank is excellent for only being a 30-50w coil. Normally, anything under 50w is just not enough for me, however, this one delivers a great tasting, giant cloud at just 35w. I am very impressed. So far, it doesn't seem to kill the battery that awful fast either, which is nice. All the other single battery mods I've used have not been able to make a battery last all day, even with a low powered tank & coil. This one lasts me all day and is still not dead when I go to sleep at night. I had the Aegis Legend before this one, which was also a great vape, however, it's a bit on the large/heavy side for me and my small hands. I also never need more than 100w so I figured I would try out the Solo since it has all of the pro's of the Aegis Legend without being quite as bulky. (Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the Legend too. ) I also love that these mods can be customized with new "skeletons" so I can make the mod match my outfits if I want.

    2. Wow. Just Wow. review by Michael on 7/18/2019
      Rating for this product (Quality & Design)

      I am new to vaping. Like under a month. I had purchased a SMOK Mag Grip and from the day it arrived until the day I sent it back it leaked like a sieve. I learned everything with that thing. I learned about coils and over saturating and closing the air vents when filling and not overfilling etc, etc, etc. It finally leaked so much it must have shorted out the screen. I returned it and ordered the Aegis Solo Kit and I couldn't be happier. It just works with no leaking. It has a better form factor and I guess because of the lower wattage coil, the Ejuice just tastes so much better. I am so happy with this thing. Ejuice.com, where I purchased really outdid themselves with great customer support. I will gladly pay a premium for good customer service. The Solo is well designed and rugged and it doesn't leak. What more could I ask for?

    3. Great size and powerful review by Richard on 5/17/2019
      Rating for this product (Quality & Design)

      I have had this mod for over two weeks now and I am really impressed. It is just the right size for an on the go mod. I had been using the aegis legend for my everyday mod for over a year and when I saw this I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did, I'm really loving it! It does have a couple of minor cons compared to the aegis legend. The first is the legend screen has three color options which I really liked but the solo only has one color, the next con would be the battery door, I'm afraid I might accidentally cross thread it. It just takes a little extra precision on my part to get the battery door screwed down properly so no big deal. The final con is really going to be user relevant, I'm a chain vaper so with a single battery I only get a few hours out of it before needing to change it for a fresh one. I'm sure that in time there will be a firmware update to change the screen color and hopefully they will offer different color skeletons like they do for the aegis legend. All in all it's another fantastic product from the masters at Geekvape. Whether you're a veteran vaper or just getting started this is a great product!! Highly recommended!!

    4. Solid! review by Matt on 5/10/2019
      Rating for this product (Quality & Design)

      EXCELLENT! The Solo Kit is a solid build and works perfectly! Being able to change out the battery makes this a true winner! The menu system is easy to use and the display is nice and bright. I can see it even in the full day sun. 2 Thumbs Up Geek Vape!

    5. Beast review by Bruno on 4/30/2019
      Rating for this product (Quality & Design)

      Thank you very much ,Geekvape .I already got my Solo kit, this little beast I liked a lot and soon I will start shopping in bigger quantities.

    6. Good product! review by Carson on 4/30/2019
      Rating for this product (Quality & Design)

      Made it home, safe and sound. Good product and it worths waiting.

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