1Buyer Protection Consumer Claims Portal

  • Tracking Page
Tracking Page
  • Mail entrance

Mail entrance

2Buyer Protection Claims Process

  • Login
  • Bring up or fill in the email address of the purchase, and policy id/order id;
  • Apply for Delay compensation
  • Apply for Damage Compensation
  • Apply for Loss compensation


buyer protection

3、Claim information

1) Damage to goods: photos of outer and inner packaging and damaged goods to prove the damage;

2) Lost goods:
A. When the logistics order shows that the goods are lost, the claim will be settled directly;
B. When the logistics order shows that the goods have been delivered and the consumer has not actually received (porch lost), you need to provide either of the following proofs:
  a. Relevant on-site video supporting materials
  b. Proof of loss provided by the logistics company
  c. Written documentation from other qualified personnel
Ps. lost porch case: the same user Seel for the first time will use worry-free compensation (i.e. no need for consumers to provide supporting documents, email to tell next time please take care of the package, the same address next time the porch lost case, then will provide supporting documents as required)

3) Delayed delivery of goods: no need to provide claim information, Seel will automatically award compensation according to the logistics bill number