1. Don't flood your vape tank
2. Don't be afraid to experiment
3. There's a world beyond vape tanks
4. Don't settle for a bad vape battery

From vape tanks and batteries to RDA atomizers choosing the right mods, the world of vaping can be a daunting place for newcomers. Whether you're just testing the water or you're serious about getting into the gadgetry of what makes vaping such a popular hobby, there are some basics you'll need to master in the beginning.For many newcomers vaping is a healthier and more exciting alternative to what they're used to, but that excitement can often lead to some of the more common mistakes we see throughout the vaping community.

In this day and age, we're used to technology just working. We expect great results time and time again, and vaping newbies expect a flawless vaping experience from the outset without any hiccups or bumps in the road. While it's certainly possible to achieve this level of vaping nirvana, there are some tricks to the trade and common mistakes you need to avoid. Below are some of the biggest ones to get you started...

Don't flood your vape tank

The basic process of vaporising is fairly simple; a heating coil which is wrapped around a wick will warm up to produce vapor. Any residual heat then draws more liquid from the tank. If beginners aren't getting the experience they expect, they'll often try to add extra juice and end up filling the tank above the line without realising. This won't increase vapor production or flavour - in fact, it'll do just the opposite. If you over fill the vape tank you'll end up with a saturated wick which blocks airflow and makes it very difficult to get a good draw or puff. Do you hear a gurgling sound when you draw? If so, you may have an overflooding problem.

Don't be afraid to experiment

When you pick up your first vaping kit you may feel a little daunted. Once you've pushed past that feeling and had a good experience, you may be tempted to just stick with what you know and never waiver, but you'd be missing out on a world of flavours and experiences. All of the e-juices you'll find on the market have a base that consists of propylene glycol and glycerin to help stablise their flavours and produce the smoke effect we're all so familiar with. Thankfully, their similarities stop there. There are so many different e-juice flavours to choose from out there that it would be a shame to limit yourself to just one flavour or brand of e-juice. Once you've got the basics of vaping down, why not experiment?

You may even try dripping to let you switch things up a little quicker...

There's a world beyond vape tanks

Standard vape tanks are great for vaping on the move, but they can be quite limiting. For starters, you can only have one e-juice at a time in between cleans, and that juice is going to have to be used up completely before it's changed. That's fine if you know what you like and stick to one flavour, but what happens when you want to start experimenting? This might be a good time to try 'dripping'.

Dripping allows you to manually drip e-juice directly onto the wick instead of filling up a whole tank. Each drip of the wick will usually last around 10 puffs, then you're free to switch to a different flavour if you feel like it. For more information on dripping and the use of RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers).

Dripping is great for those who are getting comfortable with vaping and want to take things to the next level and enjoy different flavours. It may not be as straightforward and simple as regular tank vaping, but it will allow you to experiment and tailor your vaping experience in brand new ways.

Don't settle for a bad vape battery

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of vaping for newcomers and veterans alike. After all, our smartphones, tablets and laptops all come with batteries ready to go and we rarely need to think about changing them - why should vaping be any different? It is, and here's why.

The frequency and intensity of your vaping sessions can have a huge bearing on the type of vape battery you should choose.For example, a battery with a long life might sound ideal, but the trade-off is that it won't allow any high discharge. Conversely, you might find batteries that can be heavily discharged and have a short life, but they might get a little too hot while in use which can be uncomfortable at best and unsafe at worst. There is no silver bullet solution when it comes to finding a universal vape battery that works in any scenario. It's a game of trade-offs and if you want to become a serious vaper you'll have to start experimenting with what works and what doesn't.